Strolling along a shore saltwater, picnic beside a freshwater lake and climb to the top of a mountain … you up to a day in the many challenges that the city of Bellingham offers?

North of Washington state, the county seat of Whatcom, Bellingham is named after the bay where it is, “Bellingham Bay”. Although smaller than its neighbors Seattle and Vancouver, the city and its region offer many attractions.

In town you can visit two interesting museums: the Museum Whatcom, inescapable historical monument of the city, and the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, very interesting place for young and older children. One of the largest and most beautiful parks in the city is the Whatcom Falls Park. It includes also the throat of Whatcom Creek runs directly through the heart of the city, but also that connects and defines the various districts.

To the east, about 50 km from the city, is the famous ski area of ​​Mount Baker, where all changed the first snowboarding world champions. The place also holds the world record for the largest amount of snowfall in a season (winter 1998-1999). For those who come in winter, numerous activities and slopes will be waiting then!

Always to the east, you will find Lake Whatcom, a beautiful natural resource that supplies water to the city locally and is, in fact, the source of Whatcom Creek.

South of the city, drive along Chuckanut Drive and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea, the beautiful San Juan Islands, numerous hills and verdant forests of Chuckanut mountains, and several picturesque bays along the coast . During your journey you will pass by many popular places like Larrabee State Park (popular for hiking), Lake Padden (popular for swimming, fishing and golf), and Lake Samish.